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Bolden allows you to directly finance French SMEs as many platforms currently. Loans have a duration of 1 to 5 years and are remunerated at a fixed rate between 4% and 12% before fees Bolden and taxes. It is therefore operating costs, paid by lenders, in the amount of 1% of the outstanding capital per year (costs offered to the subscription of a financier Pack) which is quite in the sector average.

Originality comes from the fact that Bolden has literally used the techniques of packs to invest and diversify, for example a pack of €1000 allows 4 projects of €250 per project with 0% fresh operation (instead of 1%) and priority access to new projects.

When the functioning of the single c´est loan, Bolden chooses the rate through these internal analyses, once the amount of the funded loan project is closed.

Level security bolden is a legal website, for evidence it is registered with the authority of control prudential and Resolution, approval n ° 16528. Bolden IFP, Bolden SAS subsidiary, is registered in the register of the ORIAS as an intermediary in participatory financing (IFP), registration No. 14006823.



For any initial investment of €250 or more, Bolden offers you €30!
To qualify, simply register code sponsorship FLOER-121-1645 and enter promotion code: FLOER-121-1645

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