How to become positive when nothing is going in your life?


The positive results in the positive, and conversely negative causes negative… so how in all this?

The thought is a power that few people know and master

However, men who have enjoyed great success always make references to the fact whether think positively, it is allowing to succeed and achieve its goals, whatever the situations.



So how to become positive? How to control his thoughts?

This is not the day to the next, however there are methods that will enable you to see things differently and with practice you will become more positive!

First Council: you try to block your negative thoughts, those who reach you and lead you down in a chain of negative thoughts…


Easy to say… Not easy to do?

The first job is to create a vacuum inside your head, meditation and breathing exercises are very effective and allow you to relax and not focus on the negative things. It feels better!

Another aspect is the negative thoughts of your entourage, this may very well be someone who tells you his problems all the time, or simply information of the media who always put forward the negative facts and which often lead you morale…

  • The same is true in network marketing when you read opinions of people who have failed…

In these cases, simply try logging out from time to time, this cannot do you good.

Think positive? Impossible I have that of the negative in mind… »

This is course… when we are not at the top, there is easier access to negative ideas, belittling judgements, complaints, reviews… It is not really willing to positive thinking.

But all this can change.

You are not going to become a "master of the positive" from one day to the next, it would be too easy. However, there is a process, a kind of methodology to follow that can help you become positive little by little, and to remain.

Positivity is a bit like a muscle.

If you don't train it, it will logically remain low. On the contrary, if you practice it and you exercise it regularly, this 'muscle will grow' and your ability to be positive and think more positively will increase.

How to become positive when nothing is going in your life?

This is achieved through a questioning of self, take back from the events and do an analysis of things that led you in this situation.

Learn to listen and be aware of your negative behaviours.


For example, if I tell you, you will create a blog that will be successful, what do you think?

«I create a blog?» I know nothing about, I do not know how! Impossible short! »


To become positive, tell you rather something of the kind…

«Create a blog?» I'd love, this will allow me to learn a lot of interesting things and be able to speak on topics that fascinate me! »


In fact one immediately tends to focus on ways of doing things, while it takes just to say that the means exist and are already at your disposal, so it will push you to make positive action, is an important step to become positive.

Think of a way to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts… It's hard at first, but with practice, it becomes almost natural!


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