Words that have lost their superb


Here are the words to avoid to make a flop, certaina are in fact so used that they no longer have any value and they are really many, but I’ll summarize one.

‘Exceptional’, ‘exclusive’, ‘incredible’, ‘super’ and others…

Here you give a little (or much) the impression that your product is in no way ‘ exclusive, exceptional or amazing etc. ». Opposite effect guaranteed! With bonus, a client who feels superficial, overpriced, and commercial speech and suddenly, begins to be suspicious and refuses what you say later…

Suggestion: Talk instead about the functionality or feature that makes your product unique. There’s nothing better than the facts to convince!

‘Good deal’, ‘opportunity’, ‘opportunity not to be missed ‘.

This is an expression that, like that, expected to attract the customer, but, in fact, makes you pass for a self-centered. These expressions refer to your product, and you pose as an opportunist. You pretty quickly give the sensation to the client that you want to buy, and fast! These are words often use in mlm.

Suggestion: Avoid therefore.


A warranty? Your product is therefore not reliable? Since when safeguards is really reassuring? Short, very counterproductive, especially for example for high-tech like apple products.

‘Innovative’, ‘innovative ‘.

Ah good? What? … I’m skeptical, you have probably noticed. Why? If you are really innovative, no need to say, shout it high and hard you you call samsung or apple etc. You, a point thats all. It should be obvious… As obvious as Apple products. By the way, have you ever heard our friend Steve (Jobs of his name) use his terms? The answer is no… One wonders why, eh!

Our product is “cheaper”.

This expression gives us the impression that your product is cheap so less good quality or at least of lower quality, more the customer will always argue about the price, so try to find something else to promote your offer.

Suggestion: Prefer the expression: “more economical”.

“Reduction”, “rebate.”

So, some commercial, you offer a product and as a bonus, it’s your lucky day, you have in addition a reduction ‘! Yahouu, too… (not cool)… old fashioned! Your product has a price justified by its quality! OK, you can be conciliatory or flexible, but from there to propose to start a reduction, it is not terrible because the client will get used to routinely have discounts.

“To be frank with you’, ‘frankly’ etc.

Once you have uttered this sentence, you can say goodbye to all your efforts that preceded. Why? And because you have just to suggest that before this sentence you were likely to lie or not to say everything in a transparent manner. It’s stupid! But you can use it intelligently in some areas.

‘The problem’, ‘your problem ‘.

Not terrible as expression. It appealed to enough negative emotions which do not facilitate your task.

Suggestion: Prefer the word dissatisfaction

“Prospect”, “client”.

Do not speak of prospect, it casts doubt on your ability to convince them to choose you.

Suggestion: Talk instead of future customers.

Do not talk about customers, not more. This makes the distance between you and them. In addition, they do not want to be ‘just’ your customers, but much more!

Suggestion: Talk then instead of people you follow, follow etc.:


No objections talk for sale. It is a pejorative term, that makes your prospective client to think that there may be material object.

Suggestion: Opt for the points to see.


There also is a commitment term and that sometimes scares and therefore potentially flee.

Suggestion: Talk rather “agree”, “accession”

‘Buy’, ‘purchase ‘.

Your customers do not buy. Word too commercial!

Suggestion: Your customers have.

“Monthly payment”.

It is stressful anyway! A fixed deadline, a pick and more… A load.

Suggestion: Call it “monthly investment” even if it has nothing to do with an investment.

“Tariff”, “price”, “cost”.

When customers hear the word “fare”, they tend to want to compare with other offers. Because, “you never know”, there could be better offers with best quality/price ratios…

Suggestion: Think to speak of ‘investment’ or the ‘total to invest ‘.

‘Commission ‘.

It insinuates that in fact pay you on the back of your customers. Suddenly, it is unpleasant as feeling.

Suggestion: Opt for the use of the term: ‘charge’ or ‘cost of service. You emphasize that you bring them a service in return for this commission.


A bit too formal, too uninviting and therefore the… stressful time!

Suggestion: Ask them their ‘agreement’, ‘approval’, ‘authorisation’ or even if you’re a little fun as their “autograph” commercial

Good we could of course expand the list! So, I’ll be very happy to read and add your contributions!

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