October review

october review

Invest your money by lending it to businesses

october review

October is currently the Number 1 platform in France for CrowdLending. Founded by Olivier GOY, its development is currently experiencing strong growth in France but also in Europe (Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and soon will be added countries such as Germany.) Almost 260 million euros have already so far been funded. Octuber is registered by the French market authority (ORIAS).

For our readers October offers you an exclusive offer: A welcome bonus of 20 € for 500. This offer is accessible by registering via my link only. You can then take all your time to choose the projects on which you want to make your first investments.


October (ex lendix) allows the financing of SMEs both by individuals but also by institutional investors. Every day many files are analyzed by October and only a few files each month are retained by the teams to present them in funding on its platform.

Private lenders can then lend from € 20 to € 2,000 per project and thus obtain a monthly repayment of part of the capital and interest. Lenders can thus lend on new projects to diversify their investments as much as possible.

OCTOBER review: interest and projects duration

October/ lendix has an average rate of 6.50% for an average duration of 45 months out of more than 300. In practice, we have seen rates ranging between 2.5 and 9.5% over periods ranging from 6 at 60 months.

Compared to competing platforms it can be said that OCTOBER offers rates in the low average over rather long durations. But beware the actual rate you will get depends on many other factors for which OCTOBER gets excellent performance (Project Volume, Project Size, Default Rate, Reactivity Rate, …)

OCTOBER Opinion: Projects

October is currently the platform that offers the most project in France. On several occasions we have been able to participate in more than 15 projects / month. One of the particularities of October is also to be able to propose projects of several hundreds of thousands of Euros (sometimes millions of euros) on 4 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands).
1 new country is planned for 2019: Germany.

OCTOBER review: open an account

It pretty easy, you just have to click on the link below, answer some easy question and fulfill you investment profile.

You get a bonus when you register with this link.


OCTOBER review: Credit your account and investment amount


October offers 2 ways to credit your October account:

  • By credit (or debit) card + 3D Secures, it is faster but watch out for your card cap
  • By bank transfer, slower but unlimited

You can lend on each business project between 20 and 2 000 €. Originally the maximum was € 1,000 but a new law allows individuals to now invest € 2,000. October requires that we lend multiples of 20 €.

 OCTOBER review : Principal Repayment and interest

Refunds are made monthly and include a portion of the capital and interest, less taxes (lump sum and social levies) for the persons to whom it applies. Some projects may have repayment schedules including periods when only interest will be paid back in the first few months, but I’m not even sure I’ve seen it at the same time, there are so many projects.

OCTOBER review : Lenders insurance or buyback guaranty

OCTOBER does not currently offer lender insurance.

Some OCTOBER Italian projects are now subject to a guarantee.

OCTOBER review: Cost of service

Like most crowdfunding platforms, there are no entry fees or management fees for the Lender. October is only remunerated by the company seeking funding.

OCTOBER review:  risk scale

Classic risks of crowdlending, the capital loss of your investment. Each platform has its own risk scale depending on the project.

october review 02

OCTOBER review:  Early repayments: 2% bonus for lenders

The OCTOBER contracts provide for early repayment clauses. While most platforms do not provide for any early redemption fees, OCTOBER does not provide for 4% of outstanding principal. 2% will return to OCTOBER and 2% will be returned to the lenders. Some projects are nonetheless exempted from this 2% if this has been stipulated in the contract: These are flexible projects.

OCTOBER review:  : Registration Bonus


October offers an exclusive sponsorship offer for readers that will give you a bonus of 20 euros !

OCTOBER review:   Taxation

From a taxation point of view, OCTOBER complies with the legislation. The tax will be French for the French and to declare in your country if you come from another country.

OCTOBER review :   security

Transactions are secured via Lemonway  also has the role of continuing the repayments in case of bankruptcy of October.

OCTOBER AVIS : Statistiques

Statistics are still moving fast in the crowdfunding world. In February 2019 October announces 524 projects financed for a total financed amount of € 242,000,000 via approximately 14,800 lenders

OCTOBER review:   Default Rates

October has so far managed to maintain a fault rate at a correct level. The acquisition of finsquare had taken a toll.

OCTOBER review:   The interface

The interface of the October platform is very efficient and offers good visibility. Each project, in addition to the usual rates, duration, also offers:

  • A presentation of the company
  • A presentation of the loan project
  • An analysis with the strengths and weaknesses
  • A financial analysis with the balance sheet

To lend, you just enter the amount you want to lend to have a simulation of the interest you will receive over time. Once validated, you will have to sign your contract electronically. The procedure includes a validation via a code sent by SMS.

OCTOBER review:   Iphone and Android application

Few platforms offer a real mobile application. October already offers both IPHONE and ANDROID versions.


OCTOBER review:   Project Discussions

Unlike some platforms October does not propose via their interface to be able to exchange on the proposed projects. It would be useful to be able to ask questions to which the borrower, the lenders and October could contribute.

OCTOBER review:    Communication

If you have questions October offers you several channels of communication: To know that the level of reactivity of the teams is Excellent.

  • A lender FAQ
  • A Facebook page
  • A Twitter page
  • An information blog
  • Customer service available at 01 82 8328 00
  • A contact email contact@october.eu
  • A chat in Live or Deferred mode: Directly accessible on the home page, the chat allows according to your connection time to either speak with a person from October live, or to leave a message. In the second case October will make you a quick return.

Conclusion on this review

October is today clearly one of the best platforms in France.

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