Rich Dad, poor father of Robert t Kiyosaki

father rich father poor robert kiyosaki

Rich Dad, poor father – a book that: breaks the myth that one must earn a lot of money to become rich. Questioned this belief that your home is an asset. Explains to parents why they should not rely on the education system to teach the rudiments of money to their children. Teaches you what teach your children so they know later financial success. "The main reason why people are faced with financial problems is that they have spent several years at the school, but have nothing learned in relation to money." The result is that people learn to work in the service of money… but learn never to make money serving them. " –; Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, born April 4, 1947, is a US-American contractor specializing in personal development.

Through his books and games that it markets, Robert Kiyosaki advocates the concept of financial education, which includes the culture of entrepreneurship, business training and control techniques of investment.

Next to his real estate investments, he set up a company the Rich dad company. Its purpose is to promote financial education. For this, a large number of brackets are available: books, video game, TV show, website, gaming club.

But his best seller remains this book in which you will find very good advice as:

  • The rich don't work for money

  • Mind you even your business

  • The rich generate money

  • Work to learn, do not work for money

  • Take action


Rich Dad, poor father (new edition)

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