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How to react to these shipments?

If you have received a spam to your e-mail address, or if the message appears to be a phishing attempt, do not respond and do not open attachments, images or links contained in the message. Report it to the platform Signal Spam.

The association Signal Spam, partner of the CNIL, allows you to register for free on its site internet, and download an extension for your kind e-mail program Outlook. A "Signal Spam" button will appear on your e-mail. Simply select the message to report and click this button. If you are using a Yahoo, Hotmail or type Internet messaging system, you can complete the online reporting form and copy – paste the spam received.

The reports made on the Signal Spam platform allow to identify and take action against "spammers" at the national level, in partnership with the internet industry and the competent public authorities. Thanks to the platform Signal Spam received alerts, the CNIL triggers investigations and controls on the spot and can be brought to punish spammers.

How to report attempts to scam on the internet?

You can report these scams on the "PHAROS" platform (for "platform harmonization, analysis, cross-referencing and orientation of the reports"). It is accessible on the site This platform allows to report internet sites whose content is illegal. Your report will be processed by a judicial police service specializing in these questions, the central Office for the fight against crime (OCLCTIC) communication and information technology.

Reports on the PHAROS platform are, after verification, investigation service-oriented. A criminal investigation may be initiated, under the authority of the Prosecutor of the Republic. PHAROS receives every year tens of thousands of reports.

If the reported content is illegal but designed abroad, it is transmitted to Interpol which directs him to the judicial authorities of the country concerned. These platforms are the mels and websites.

What to do in case of receipt of sms or mms unsolicited on my mobile phone?

You can transfer the abusive SMS to number 33700. It is an SMS alert system created by Telecom operators, services providers and hosters, in consultation with the Secretary of State for industry and Consumer Affairs.

After this transfer, you will receive a message asking you to send the 33700 the number from which you have received abusive SMS. This information is passed to the operators, including yours, who will be able to act quickly with agencies at the origin of these sms.

Sending a SMS to the 33700 is free for the guests of Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR. For other operators, sending a SMS to the 33700 can be done at the price of a normal SMS.

For more information, you can connect on



The threat of direct boom



Abusive behavior (Other) from your wealth-and-financecom shared [.]hosting we reported or found by our teams.

Technical elements showing the problem below:

-beginning of the technical elements-

Section brought online via the above mentioned web site attack the credibility and the
reputation of the company BoomDirect in stating that its leaders
seem little credible or even by attacking the model is based on their
profits system by suggesting it as a "scam" or a "scam", and
This, in several places in the text. However, no reference is mentioned in
that article, no evidence of situations actually occurred is made
mention in the text. The article is based on interpretations of a single person
who decided to publish a written making lots of wrong BoomDirect society
as well as its reputation. Article is misleading and defamatory to the place of

BoomDirect and it is justified to ask for the immediate withdrawal of the web site.

hxxp: / / wealth-and-finance[.] com/boom-direct-scam-test-notice.

-end of the technical elements-

We ask that you investigate and correct this problem, which is a violation of our terms of use.

Please respond to this email indicating the measures that you have taken to put an end to this abuse.

Kind regards

The Abuse OVH team.

PS so I made a response to OVH.

In addition

Article is no lie and will not be removed, instead following this it has been duplicated 12 times in 12 different sites to make sure that the people will know the truth. :)


The week of 6% interest 310% annual, knowing that the best stock investments provide about 5% annual, that j´arrive up to 20% and not without risks… then 310 just impossible c´est. Imagine if you put €10,000 and at the end of l´annee you * 3 c´est to say € 30,000 and this seems normal to you? Not there is always a scam!

See full article

Download the article and repost it on your site.


be aware that complaints are underway:


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