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Finsquare out insurance for lenders: the site becomes the second to launch coverage (prexem being the first, at least to my knowledge).

Priority information on the wealth – and site –

This morning raising me I just got a message by members of Finsquare l´equipe l´un. Indeed following my article l´equipe sometimes contact me for any corrections/news. PS: no I’m not paid by Finsquare but I sponsor, and voluntarily for this site, because I personally recommend (a good chunk of my money is on this site and I take the same risks as l´investisseur lambda). What m´a said c´est that given exponential growth than is currently Finsquare, it y’ has some changes regarding the duration and the amount borrowed. The time can vary from 1 to 24 months and the borrowed sum between 3000 and € 100000. They will also put in place an insurance for lenders from September 1st.

I am therefore leaning on l´assurance, indeed any questions come quickly: j´utilise this, the method of the QQOQCCP (for “who? What? Where to? When? How? How many? Why? «), which is an acronym summarizing an empirical method of questioning to be certain d´analyser correctly this new.


The partnership is done with Gras Savoye insurance broker (I do not know l´entreprise). The company Gras Savoye was born in Lille in 1907 of the encounter between Pierre Savoye and Gustave Gras. Good serious m´a l´air ca.

  • Turnover: 543,6 million euros of turnover consolidated (2013)
  • Strength: 3 800 employees
  • More than 2.2 million beneficiaries of health costs, pension and retirement contracts managed in France and abroad
  • More than 550,000 vehicles insured


L´assurance covers the death or total loss of autonomy of the legal representative of the borrower as well as the reorganization or the liquidation. As qu´investisseur c´est recovery and liquidation that interests us, to see what that contain exactly the terms of l´assurance.


On investment in Finsquare


As early as September 2015


Doing nothing d´apres what I understand.

How many 

Free for investors. The warranty is not total, however, insurance covers half of the amount loaned and this insurance is valid until 18 months after an excess of 6 months.


Probably the easiest question: to attract more visitors and cut l´herbe of competitors! The French are strongly risquophobes (they have a strong aversion to risk and they are fleeing the risk like the plague). The platform that offers this kind of ‘plus’ therefore has a definite competitive advantage.

Possible consequences:

More d´investisseurs, so more competitors to have juicy rate for investors. It may d´y have a lower rates as on old U.S. platforms,.. .or not.


I think c´est a case to follow, because it promises a friendly suite. Why the site offers a sponsorship + insurance + attractive rates? In my opinion, there is a financial support behind. In fact the market is growing strong, d´ici little (a few years), there will be clusters as in the telecoms and only a few sites will survive, finsquare is on its way to carve a good share of the cake.

Fact sheet finsquare:



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