The TOP of the best ideas and sites to earn l´argent on the internet


Resell photos is profit
Resell photos is profit

Tired of not having enough salary and paying too much? I here present you solutions to these problems. In times of crisis, everything is good to take.

Spend wisely

Stop paying too much of the things you can have cheaper, play competition.

Use the sites from cash back

The cashback is to recover a percentage of the amount of your purchases in cash (between 1 and 5% in general).

Beruby; cash-back; cashbackgeneration; Cashandco; Cashinfo; Ebuyclub; Edengo; Fun – c; Igraal; Ipense; Mailorama; Moolineo; Poulpeo; Hairstyle; Wajestic

Private d´achats sites

Some sites offer you private and less expensive d´acheter as company; Sales-du-diable, etc…

Use price comparator:

Before you buy on the internet, make sure that there is no cheaper elsewhere.

  • Use coupons. Before paying, make sure if there is no coupon codes to reduce the Bill for a few euros. Attention, it is rarely compatible with the cashback.

Change your bank

A change of Bank can be beneficial, less costs, less paper. Plus enjoy these last to receive a gift of welcome.



Earn money

Necessarily after spend-less earn more.

With the d´investissements sites

Crowdfunding sites and crowdlending will give you l´acces the ability to properly remunerate your savings

By advertising

Become a star of the web and monetize your audience. It y of dozens of possibilities.

Create a site / blog and put advertising


Some blog platforms allow you to earn money with your blog (like Overblog), otherwise, if you have the hand on your site, skills and time, the simplest and most effective service remains Google adSense.


Sell passes for access to content

There are passes for abuse scheduled as the download of logos etc. Allopass

D´affiliation sites

1TPE; eurosptp; Likeup; Sendinup; Yooclick; GOLD BAR

Publishing articles and videos sponsored

There are many boards to earn money by publishing an article sponsored or disseminating a video on your blog / website / twitter account / facebook page. interestingif you have many fans:

  • Make videos. Distribute (original) videos, and be paid according to the number of views.


Advertise on his car

Just paste a big sticker saying that eating at Sebastian, c´est well. Ideal for pay you your insurance. Movin' pub, Carlogo or Makadz.

Sell his talents (and his time)

It is simply paid telecommuting.

Sell his skills as a freelance


Write, translate or correct content

You soyezjournaliste, freelance, bilingual, or simple expert, you can write on all types of subjects.

Sell her photos / videos

You have a real talent of photographer, or you've just photographed a people / event that may be the one? Sell your photo! interesting in the long term.

Sell its documents, studies, essays, etc…

You love to write? You have a mass of interesting? You are studying? You can sell the documents that you have written!

Sell what you no longer want

You want to sell old trinkets quickly for a move? N´attendez not the empty annual attic, fast ago.

  • To resell its tickets of concert / show / train: Viagogo, zePass,…


Try the rental between individuals

Around you, people have needs a hand (DIY, gardening, school support, etc.) or equipment. Why not help them against a little money? Mow the lawn, cut trees, made of ironing, give courses…  You also sometimes go on holiday? That fall well by exchanging your home you can have additional income or enjoy d´un cheaper stay.

  • Rent his car to individuals: Buzzcar,…


The sportsbook or poker

You can also try the sports paris. However attention to addictions, the House always wins

Answer surveys

  • Make the Guinea pig
    Participate in testing of products or consumer meetings proposed by companies.
  • Opine, respond to surveys, doing consumer tests:
    More you have, the more you earn: Toluna, polls GfK, mySurvey, Place opinions, Panelia, Gaddin, hairstyle, Listen to Your Senses, Mobile & Tablet App, etc…


Note: just to tell you that even with all the methods, I advise you too keep your job, because having same €1000 monthly gross is difficult.

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