Is profit 25 a scam?

The images are taken from banks d´images
The images are taken from banks d´images

Profits25 is a system of affiliation posing as a module in shared revenue. More specifically, an advertising agency that shares its revenues with its members

The principle, a purchase of coupons:

The principle is simple, you buy coupons at 25 euros each (you must take 2 minimum, and 600 to the max) and are paid at up to 40%. IE as soon as your coupon reaches the value of EUR 35 (after about 3 months), it is removed from their system, and will you yield more nothing… You can then: either credit your account, or either reinvest this sum in other coupons.

You are nevertheless asked to click on advertisements based on the number of coupons that you have purchased. (Count up tens of clicks per week)

As is profits25 office of advertising, it is possible to send them your banner so that they occupy do you advertising and, according to their terms, increase your traffic.

NB: Pay as an advertiser for customers who close the window immediately clicked is very tempting.

I see no section you are a company contact us, excluding basis c´est business not to make the pub not? In addition it n no d´entreprises which have an advertising partnership, overall good site must advertise for these clients.

This site offers you above all a system of sponsorship on 4 levels (respectively 10%, 5%, 3% and 2%) described at length in wide and cross.

East – this reliable?

Such a level of remuneration cannot be legally necessarily involves a risk proportional including have dealing with a pyramid, or Ponzi scheme system

So far there have been few complaints due to late payment, for which profits25 is is mainly justified by evoking the too rapid success of their model. According them, this sudden growth required to make manual transfers taking lot of time given their large number of affiliates. What force floor to automate their tasks.

Negative testimonials

Can be found however many satisfied ensuring touch enough incomes to live. However this would require to invest a few thousand euros in coupons. This is not within the reach of everyone, not to mention the possibility of ending up at ZERO. Especially qu´il is not possible to see transfers of these famous coupons.

My opinion: a Ponzi

A quick analysis shows that 40% in 3 months allows a return of funds with 400% year. With bondora offering 90% year credit there are at least 50% of bankruptcy annually. For a company it is difficult to conceive of such growth on the long term. (The number of coupons being capped at 600 there is however a limit to winnings.)

The system pretends to be certain or safe so that any good investment sites give a message like “l´investissement is something risk you can lose your capital then n that invest l´argent which you n need not and diversified you”. The nothing.

Profits 25, is thought to a Ponzy system and let me explain. by asking the right questions, we find that:

  • People are paid? Yes!
  • It therefore works? Yes.
  • The Ponzy system works? Yes! Until the moment when the pyramid collapses.

[sociallocker id=2002]Drop the site is already nearing completion[/sociallocker]

The site is not anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering base controls:

It does not ask the map identity, the RIB (compare l´inscription on unilend for example) etc.

A lack of transparency

There’s not enough transparency on the site, I can’t locate a physical headquarters even on google map.
I can find no way to verify this famous trade register number. It is even not registered among the official authorities (AMF or whatever).
Is what profits25 is verifiable on websites of organization in “org.”? No more. Another important point it n no section management team, what’s the creator to shame? In my opinion he knows the result d´un Ponzi and wishes to not be recognized.

Another point

Moreover, the command of the bank card was slow to arrive, and payments were delayed. Why does this seem fishy? Firstly, when you have the card, cannot therefore make withdrawal. Most payments that were slow.
It may simply suggest that we must wait the investment of new members to be able to be paid.

You want arguments. I demand answers. And it does not say that it is legal because it is paid because a Ponzy still pay some time. Worse, if you invest it is possible to find yourself in jail for aiding and abetting criminals following this scam d´association.

Look at the difference with good sites of my investment as item: finsquare, Lendix, crowdimo, pretup



What you may actually

In addition to losing your money there are much larger risks.

The attempt to gain money from abnormal and easy way, in particular leaving manipulate (social engineering), eventually lead to getting you ripped off (419 fraud…), does not make you a victim but an accomplice.

No person shall avail itself of his own depravity.

In a very good video documentary of the 05.02.2013 – facing the Internet mafia, there is, among other things, an interview of a woman sentenced for aiding and abetting active money laundering after being trapped in an engineering social operation.

But in addition, the pyramid (process says the “snowball” or the “silver chain”) is prohibited in France since 1953 (Article L 122-6 of the Code of consumption 1 ° and 2 ° paragraphs). This text was supplemented by an act of 1 February 1995 (3 ° and 4 ° paragraphs) which specifies the prohibitions on sales channels. Since that date, a company which fails to comply with this regulation and allegedly illegal practices would be condemned.

Under French law, «it is forbidden to propose a person to collect memberships or to register on a list requiring her the payment of any consideration and in him doing hope financial gains resulting from a geometric progression in the number of persons registered or recruited» (art. L. 122-6 and art. L. 122-7 of the code of consumption) and “this prohibition is subject to penalties of fine or imprisonment. »

The correctional tribunal of Albertville for example sentenced to penalties of four to ten months in prison suspended 33 Savoyards who participated in a money game akin to a Ponzi pyramid, was learned from the Prosecutor’s office.

These sentences for fraud, was accompanied by fines between 4,500 and € 20,000. Four other defendants were fined with simple fines.

Penalties for the offence of fraud

First of all, it should be recalled that the prescription of the scam is acquired after a period of three years from the day of the return of the coveted thing.

The maximum penalties for fraud are:

-For natural persons: 5 years ‘ imprisonment, €375,000 fine and ban or confiscation of certain rights.

-For legal persons: €1.875.000 fine as well as the penalties provided for in article 131-39 of the criminal code.

The attempt is punishable by the same penalties.

The penalties are raised to seven years in prison and €750,000 fine when the scam is carried out:

-By a person vested with public authority or a public service mission, in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions or its mission (article 313-2 – 1 ° of the criminal code);

-By a person who unduly takes the quality of a person vested with public authority or responsible for a public service mission (article 313-2 – 2 ° of the criminal code);

-By a person who appealed to the public to the issue of securities or for fundraising purposes for humanitarian or social assistance (section 313-2 – 3 ° of the criminal code);

-To the detriment of a person whose particular vulnerability, due to his age, illness, infirmity, physical or mental disability or a State of pregnancy, is apparent or known perpetrator (article 313-2 – 3 ° of the criminal code).

The penalties are raised to ten years in prison and €1,000,000 fine where fraud is committed in organized band.

This want to say that if sponsor you what-qu´un you are liable of Delia d´escroquerie is organized band, if this bleaching is.

Money laundering


Money laundering is to conceal funds from illegal sources (drug trafficking, theft, fraud (including pyramid selling), selling weapons, robbery, tax evasion,…) by reinvesting them in legal activity (real estate, restoration, etc.). IT

The objective of the author of money laundering is to facilitate the false justification of the origin of these sums to the authorities. In practice, money-laundering “dirty money” may appear in the form of different mechanisms, as for example the establishment of false invoices between several companies.


In France, money laundering is punishable under article 324-1 of the penal Code which provides for a sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of € 375 000. This sanction may be increased in some cases. For example, the penalty is increased to 10 years imprisonment and 750000 euro fine in two cases: when money laundering is committed habitually or by using the facilities provided by the exercise of a professional activity and when it is committed in organized gang. For a complete point on penalties, see articles of the penal Code concerning simple laundering and aggravated laundering.

Recall of l´AMF published March 12, 2014

AMF cautions public against investment offers promising exceptional yields relying, visible or otherwise, on the establishment of a system of recruitment, membership or sponsorship. Very attractive appearance, these offers are dangling high gains that are unrealistic. They usually hide’s actual scams for laundering money and in most cases, in some cases, loss of the placement of departure for the saver.

This type of installation can take various forms: trading on the Forex market (via an unauthorized FOREX platform), or mail order of goods or services. The goal for these companies is to continuously recruit new members added to existing members. The latter recruited bring new funds entering, which are partly donated to the former members to gain and maintain their confidence: this is what is called a pyramid. Media and internet in particular, neighbourhood, “word of mouth”: recruitment may be done in various ways.

The device lasts as long as new recruitments are possible. When it collapses, sometimes quite rapidly, members typically lose the entirety of their bet in favour, often the single initiator and his accomplices.

The AMF calls savers to the utmost vigilance and invites them to:

  • Do not respond to this type of offers and do not relay them to third parties;
  • In the case of fraud, victims must file a complaint and provide all possible information to the competent judicial authorities (references for money transfers, identified contacts, addresses, emails or emails, etc.).

In General, the AMF advises investors to follow the following rules before any investment:

  • No commercial speech should make us forget that there is no investment offering high returns with no risk;
  • Learn about the legality of the financial intermediary that offers the product by consulting the list of the establishments authorized to operate in France ( > high-speed access > savings products approved (GECO)).

An intermediary not authorised is subject to criminal penalties.

To answer the questions and queries of savers, the AMF provides its site internet or the savings Info service 01 53 45 62 00 from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h.
Institute for the financial education of the public (IEFP) provides investors with a presentation of systems of pyramid selling on its Web site:

Press contact:
Directorate of communication of the AMF – Caroline Zoutleeuw – Tel : + 33 (0) 1 53 45 60 39 or + 33 (0) 1 53 45 60 28

Look at the difference with good sites of my investment as item: finsquare, Lendix, crowdimo, pretup

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