Test and notice Finsquare: verdict, one of the best sites

Page d´accueil of the very good site finsquare
Page d´accueil of the very good site finsquare

Be the banker to corporations and really earn l´argent you feel like it? I will explain how it works and why j´adore the seriousness of the site.

History of change of scams, I present to you Finsquare, a site participatory d´investissement which allows, thanks to d´etre the banker to corporate bonds and really earn l´argent easily and legally. I will explain how it works and why in my opinion Finsquare is the best site.


Description of finsquare, you'll understand why my opinion is positive

Finsquare is a site of participatory financing (registration here) which allows to TPE/SMEs (and even one-person companies). Finsquare presents the originality to be focused not on the investment funds, but on the credits for cash.

The principle of the loans is the same as loans that you can use for your own needs (mortgage or staff for example): it is depreciable credits.

Minimum L´Investissement is 10 euros, loans times vary between 1 and 24 months and the site 'manages' taxation.

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Why invest?

Many benefits: rate of return


The particularity of the site consists in the establishment of rates: they are fixed by a reverse auction, that is to say, that once the loan amount reached (generally between 3000 and 50,000 euros per project, from 01/09/2015 the maximum is 100,000) each person who bids takes the place of the highest rate that has been proposed thereby lowering the interest rate of the loan. You're bidding at a rate and only the amount necessary to l´emprunteur is finally paid at the lowest rate. Finsquare s´assure d´ailleurs d´un good balance lenders /emprunteurs to not influence rates downward or upward.

There are also mixed rates. C´EST to say you lend certain fixed rate, but the rate is lower than at auction, very interesting c´est as system. With a mixed system you can choose to not come back whenever your rate is denied. The fixed rate is a rate guaranteed, once invested c´est completed, you cannot be denied.

Rates up to 10% (annual, and : PYes this is not a Ponzi here) and the repayments are monthly. So, you can earn up to a maximum of 10% annual, compared to rates of what offers your bank it has no comparison.

The presentation of the projects is clear and understandable. It n´y has no balance sheet overloaded to understand. In fact you have all the information necessary to make a good decision. It is on the presentation of l´entreprise with this qu´elle done, just then the presentation of the project and who is funding what part of the project. Then you have access to the balance sheet of l´entreprise which is a d´information mine.

Many benefits: the choice of the good companies


In order to maintain a good quality of projects, finsquare selects the companies.

Finsquare Project menu

Projects are classified by stars, more it is best d´etoile is l´entreprise. Finsquare taking at least projects rated 3/5, c´est to say a proper ability to repay.

Finsqaure works with Ellisphere, N ° 1 french of the B2B data and provides financial and economic information of the company and executives. It is reinforced by the file FIBEN (Bank of France)

The Finsquare platform is based on the fundamentals of bank credit. Applications for funding are subject to internal processes that involve several banking experts and the final funding decision is validated by a credit Committee. It can be assumed in that Finsquare is based on the classic ratios banks.



Many benefits: insurance


The site sets up insurance for lenders from 1 September 2015 (see article).


The crowdlending is a mode of recent funding in France. Yet there are already 1st failures of company distributing the participatory financing. The greatest risk is certainly the liquidation of the company, because the capital loaned will be totally lost for lenders.

Such insurance set up by Finsquare covers:

  • Death and loss total and irreversible independence of Business Manager (already covered by other platforms)
  • The reorganization or the liquidation of the empruntrice company.


Small important clarification: the insurance covers 50% of the amounts owed (capital + interest) for 18 months maximum loans. It should be noted that there is a deficiency in the first 6 months of the loan. Therefore the compensation period would be only 12 months

The partnership this done with Gras Savoye insurance broker (I do not know l´entreprise). The company Gras Savoye was born in Lille in 1907 of the encounter between Pierre Savoye and Gustave Gras. Good ca m´a serious l´air.

  • Turnover: 543,6 million euros of turnover consolidated (2013)
  • Strength: 3 800 employees
  • More than 2.2 million beneficiaries of health costs, pension and retirement contracts managed in France and abroad
  • More than 550,000 vehicles insured

Many benefits: no charge


The remuneration of the service is borne by the project promoter (not fresh as a lender so; see art 11 of the TOS). Yes j´accorde significance at this point in particular, because in my opinion it will determine how the company gaining l´argent and therefore its strategy.

"Article 11 – Remuneration and costs due to FINSQUARE"

11.1 – payment service

The remuneration of the service is the responsibility of the promoter.

FINSQUARE is paid by commission applied to the total amount of the loan:

  • three (3) percent for loans of three (3) months to six (6) months;
  • four (4) per cent for loans from seven (7) months to twelve (12) months;
  • five (5) per cent for loans from thirteen (13) months to twenty-four (24) months.

This remuneration is due to FINSQUARE from the publication of the project on the Site and shall become chargeable at the time of the conclusion of the loan agreement."

Many benefits: invest from € 10

Part of l´analyse
Part of l´analyse

Finsquare offers d´investir from just € 10, one of the amounts the lowest of that you can find. Why do you say? Simply to allow the client to test the concept, indeed are few customers who put d´un single shot several hundred d´euros and there are many that start small and grow over time. In fact finsquare to a strategy of medium-very effective long term using this technique.

You can lend from 10 euros and up to €1,000 per project. On the other hand, there is no limitation in the amount you want to credit your account. For example, it can be credited with € 10,000, allowing you to pay at least on 10 projects for an amount of EUR 1 000 per project.

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Many benefits: earn 10 times faster than your booklet

The ELP was lowered to 1.5% and the Livret A maintained at 0.75%. Faced with this, the yields of the crowdlending are between 4% and 12%. Finally, you can really earn l´argent with finsquare.

Many benefits: your money is blocked less long on finsquare than on an ELP

On finsquare get back you all your money in 24 months or 2 years, which is much more short qu´un PEL. In addition, you get 5% on average of your savings per month.

The minimum duration of the ELP is 4 years: any withdrawal before leads to the closing of the ELP. If your ELP has worked more than 18 months, the Bank may however accept back into CEL.

Many benefits: finsquare does not ask you to move

You can do everything you!

Sometimes there are performance bonuses:


There have been several super bonus at finsquare reserved for active members, these bonuses have reached up to 15% more performance or € 60 in bonus referral bonus. They are really very interesting and increase the rate of return of the site terribly.

Example:Still a great bonus

Pay at least € 300 Asset brokerage
and touch
10% bonus *!
(end of project tomorrow 15 12 2015 at 9: 00 pm)
And if you pay also to Medicavenir at least € 300

receive 15% bonus *!

* To qualify for the offer, the total amount of your contributions deducted at the end of the period of financing on the project Asset brokerage Group must be equal to or greater than €300. Your Finsquare account is then credited as 5 days of 10% of the total amount loaned. 

* To qualify for the offer, the total amount of your contributions deducted at the end of the funding period must be equal to or greater than € 300 on each Asset brokerage Group and Medicavenir projects. Your Finsquare account is then credited as 5 days 15% of the total amount loaned.

* / * This bonus must be paid at least a draft before it can be removed from the Finsquare account. In the event of non-use of the amount of the bonus in a period of 2 months, Finsquare reserves the right to charge this amount. A single premium per person and per account is granted. Offer cannot be combined with any current promotional offer.

My opinion:

The super bonus tonight finsquare really is a bomb. It becomes too good to be true. L´analyse pointed out that the two projects are good. Invest!

(€ 1000 loan on each project = €300)

And finsquare in fact regularly

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Sponsorship which is really a plus


Get a bonus of €20 by inviting your friends on Finsquare. The company offers indeed €40 per lead which is fine and probably correspond to the cost if it were to make it even work, yes n´oublions not if I belong to l´article, c´est parque j´ai find the site and so there was the ad at a time. So after finsquare pay google or me ben it does not bother them.

Offer valid for any individual listed on Finsquare (the Godfather), and for new registration of a user (Godson).

When the first bid the Godson, an amount minimum €20, is retained at the end of the funding period, Finsquare of the Godfather and Godson accounts will be credited € 20. Long live the sponsorship at finsquare.

This amount must be paid on one or more other projects before it can be removed from the Finsquare account.

Attention job runs longer between 01/01/2016 and February

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Sponsoring companies

Borrower, why?

Benefits for the borrower


Your business needs a credit? On Finsquare, get a response in 24 hours. Quick…

Companies, borrow quickly from € 3,000 – take advantage of Finsquare to apply your loan company for your small business and small business without going through banks!

Changes since 01/09/2015The sum borrowed between 3000 and € 100000 (previously 50,000).


  1. I know Finsquare email and social networks
  2. A company requests a credit on Finsquare using the link j.mp/1OjigOe or by entering the code SPMQM717
  3. As soon as she gets the credit, I touch my bonus!


For borrowers, the funding process

The conditions and the funding process are different from a bank.

Finsquare allows the financing of short term of the companies with more than two years of seniority, and with annual turnover greater than € 80,000.

We have defined 3 steps that allow us to select companies to finance:

  • Eligibility step: simply enter some data like the SIREN and indicate the amount and the term of the loan. The response at this stage is within 24 hours by email or in your user account.
  • Stage of credit application: additional information will be requested. Elements such as the balance sheet and the income statement will help us better understand your folder.
  • Stage of implementation: we are finalizing the implementation of your project before presenting it to the lenders.

The operation is very fast. After completing your loan application, our analysts will conduct the study of the complete file. A response will be forwarded to you within a period of 24 h.

In the case of a favorable response, your loan application will be put online and lenders start their loan offerings. The subscription period lasts between one to three weeks.

Once you have accepted the offers of loans, you will receive the funds on your IBAN account within a period of 3 days.

The total cost of your loan depends on:

  • the interest rate of offers from lenders ranging from 4% to 10% (annual rate)
  • Finsquare Commission. It is a percentage of the amount borrowed: 3% for loans of less than 6 months, 4% between 7 and 12 months, and 5% between 13 and 24 months

Note: you cannot change the amount of the claim after the online.

Can the borrower cancel the request until the project is online? Finsquare: Absolutely free of charge

When the borrower is charged from your commission and at what point is it liable? Finsquare: Starting from the moment it is put online on the platform, which is the case for Arolla. The commission is charged when the project is closing.


Your commission is definitely for the loan finance or simply for the attempt (d) borrowing and even if it does not?

Finsquare: A from the moment where the borrower agrees that the project is brought online, it will be charged whatever ' is the outcome, whether or not it accepts the funding at the end of the auction.

We do not put online of projects that are not analyzed and we appear creditworthy. The borrower knows the ins and outs of financing and must accept that his project be put online. We do not put projects without having had the endorsement of the borrower. As soon as the auction period is over and whatever ' in any following (not financed, funded, retraction of the borrower), the borrower is charged.

FAQ borrowers

Why SMEs accept high rates?

Far from being in opposition with the banks, the crowdlending is a modern complementary financing tool for businesses. SMEs who use participatory financing may have different motivations:

  • Desire to get closer to their customers and suppliers around a common project
  • Opportunity to do an operation of communication and recruitment of new customers around an innovative way to finance
  • Wish to limit its dependence on its bank which may sometimes ask too many guarantees or take too much time to decide and to release the funds.
  • Refusal of banks because the amounts are too low (often less than € 50,000) or are not taken into account or misunderstood by the latter, and yet strategic investments for SMEs (campaign marketing, recruitment, development of a website, etc).


More info on finsquare


Site language: French
Number of users: 10000 early 2015

The means of payment on the finsquare site are:

Card banking (€20-2000)
Bank transfer

Minimum deposit: 20 EUR (l investment is € 10 cons)
Minimum withdrawal: 10 euros

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A special sponsorship

Get a bonus of €20 by inviting your friends on Finsquare. The company offers indeed €40 per lead which is fine and probably correspond to the cost if it were to make it even work, yes n´oublions not if I belong to l´article, c´est parque j´ai find the site and so there was the ad at a time. So after finsquare pay google or me ben it does not bother them.

Offer valid for any individual listed on Finsquare (the Godfather), and for new registration of a user (Godson).

When the first bid the Godson, an amount minimum €20, is retained at the end of the funding period, Finsquare of the Godfather and Godson accounts will be credited € 20. Long live the sponsorship at finsquare.

This amount must be paid on one or more other projects before it can be removed from the Finsquare account.

Attention job runs longer between 01/01/2016 and February

LISTING individuals: Sign up here and now touch your bonus Finsquare


Business sponsorship

Sponsoring companies, €500

Issue security, which is finsquare?

label crowdfunding platform participatory financing
label crowdfunding platform participatory financing

The site is certified by the authorities and registered in the ORIAS under n ° 14004530 (what change us almost all of the d´arnaques sites). Evidence of seriously you receive a plug for the tax statement. as the site is at l´ORIAS, no risk d´arnaques.

Finalized for l´inscription, as the site is a site registered with the authorities, it is necessary d´avoir: RIB, map d´identite, proof of domicile.

Who is behind this company?


Nothing shocking in this area, everything seems in order.

Created in 2014, Finsquare is the embodiment of the partnership between Polexandre Joly and Adrien Wiart with the H2o participations, actor of finance and asset management. The platform counts also as partners insurer Aviva, Edenred and Virtual Network groups as well as in banking analysis and computer security experts. She is also supervised by a strategic Committee consists of 5 directors from finance and banking world.

The company is controlled by the prudential control authority and of Resolution (ACPR), which also regulates banks. It has the status of intermediary funding participatory (Orias n ° 14004530). She is a member of the competitiveness cluster Finance Innovation, funding participatory France, the European Crowdfunding Network and the National Chamber of advice Experts financial.


16 June 2015 second fund raiser

Virtual Network SA, Aviva France and Edenred, the total amount representing 1.5 million euros!

Thursday 5 February 2015 1st fundraiser


Finsquare announced, Thursday, February 5, 2015, the entry of H20 holdings in its capital. This investment company, specializing in the area of financial management, thus becomes a shareholder of 30% of Finsquare.

h2O participations

Finsquare announces that H2O holdings took a majority shareholding in the outlet. The society will lend up to EUR 150 million to the TPE and SMEs present on the platform, with a share of the savings to its customers.

"The platform of participatory financing complements the quality of innovative services offered by the various entities of the group. So with the help of Turgot Asset Management, securitization funds will complement fund-raising organized on the platform"explains Jean-Baptiste Lacoste, president of H2O Participations.

«H2O will allow us two things: marketing Finsquare live from 450 consultants independent wealth management (IFAS) and, indirectly, 80% thereof; "and create a EUR 150 million fund composed of family offices and pension funds to lend to SMEs alongside individuals ' explains Frenchweb Polexandre Joly, co-founder of Finsquare.



Finsquare is located at 4 rue Compiègne, 75010 Paris

Finsquare L´Adresse
Finsquare L´Adresse

The Finsquare team

Yes j´aime know who is behind a business and if I find the members of l´equipe, good c´est sign in general. I n´aime not the leaders who are hiding, because there may be a wolf.

Polexandre Joly


Polexandre Joly CEO of FinsquareCEO / / President


Graduated from ESC Reims and holds a Masters degree in economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Polexandre JOLY has created and developed several enterprises including in the field of fiscal resources to local communities. Following discussions with leaders of banking, public authorities and companies, he decided to create Finsquare to fill the lack of financing for French companies.

Adrien Wiart


Adrien Wiart, Finsquare DG

Entrepreneur and graduate of the Grenoble EM, Adrien Wiart led and developed two companies in the sector of Cleantech for which he flew including financial activity and investor relations. Attentive to the development of platforms of loans in the United States and Europe, it is the origin of Finsquare and directs its operational activity.
Francis of the Cray

François de Cray, technical director of Finsquare

CTO / / Technical Director

The Cray François is engineer and graduated from Telecom Lille. He is an expert in computer security and architecture of information systems. He worked for EDF where it dealt with the safety of power plants, for TOTAL or even ORANGE. Thanks to him, Finsquare offers a reliable, secure and innovative service. He led the technical team.

Habib Kamel


Habib Kamel, Director of the risk of Finsquare

CRO / / Director of risk

A graduate of ISG and Paris 1 Sorbonne, Hafid Kamel has a strong expertise in risk management and corporate banking. He spent the bulk of his career at the Bank Crédit Coopératif (BPCE group) as a credit analyst before joining the direction of risk. He is an expert in financial analysis, credit management and banking innovation.

Board of Directors

Bruno Salmon

Bruno Salmon



Bruno Salmon made his entire career in credit to individuals. He was successively Business Manager and marketing, the France boss, Secretary-General of CETELEM, COO and President of BNP Paribas Personal Finance (CETELEM brand). He was President of the Association française des sociétés financial (ASF) which brings together all the financial institutions. Administrator of ADIE, VICAT, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, ITG (Group Missioneo). Board member of Drivy (car hire between individuals), of DOMEO (Group Homeserve), he is involved in several start-ups. Bruno Salmon graduated from ESCP.

Damien Guermonprez

Damien Guermonprez

Damien Guermonprez leads companies in the financial sector for 25 years and invests in the Fintech sector. Currently President of the payment LemonWay institution, he was previously CEO of Buy Way Personal Finance, the Cetelem Belgium ex acquired with the investment fund Apax Partners. Prior to that, he was successively founder CEO of box Credit Europe, DG of group Oney Banque Accord and CEO of Aon France. Damien Guermonprez is Director of group goal and IESEG. He is a graduate of the ESSEC business school and Harvard Business School.

Norbert Furnion

Norbert Furnion

Norbert Furnion began his career at PriceWaterhouse auditing Department in Paris before turning to the area of London at UBS Investment Bank, DLJ, and Wasserstein Perella. In 2005, Norbert joined Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, a specialist in financial institutions Investment Bank, to develop activities in continental Europe. In 2013, Norbert participates in the launch of Edenred Capital Partners venture capital of the Edenred group activity.Norbert Furnion holds the diploma of accounting, a DESS Droit des Affaires of the University of Aix-en-Provence and an MBA from the London Business School.

Jean-Baptiste Lacoste
Jean-Baptiste Lacoste

Jean-Baptiste Lacoste is a specialist in financial savings for fifteen years. He created his 1st brokerage business in the early 2000s, Orelis, which it is still today the President. He also runs H2o Participations, a group with a dozen subsidiaries in the area of finance, insurance and Asset Management, that he founded. Jean-Baptiste Lacoste is also administrator of ANACOFI insurance, the professional association of brokers in France.

CARIM Jangra

CARIM Jangra

CARIM Jangra co-founded Moneyweb and its first site Tradingsat.com in early 2006, before giving it to the life financial SA group and take the internet group. In late 2008, he recovered Moneyweb and internet assets of La Vie financière. He directed and developed the Moneyweb group with including the acquisition of EDC early 2013 before handing it in April 2015 group NextRadioTv (BFM – RMC). CARIM Jangra is also a shareholder and Director of Primesenergie.fr. He graduated from the higher school of management and Finance.

And how much taxes will take me on my profits?


Like any fixed-income investment, the interest you receive in return for the loan amounts, are subject to income taxes. Finsquare performs a non-discharge deduction at source of 24% as an advance on tax, as well as social contributions from 15.5% (CSG 8.2%, DRES 0.5%, 4.5%, 0.3% additional contribution social levy and solidarity levy 2%). For information, a fraction of the social contributions (CSG of 5.1%) is deductible from the taxable income of the year of the payment. This amount will be calculated and deducted automatically from your taxable income by the tax authority.

Persons receiving less than 2 €000 of investments to fixed-income products may request to be submitted to the legal tender lump 24% levy. An interesting option when the marginal tax rate is higher is 24%.

To help you to declare your income received on Finsquare, they put a single tax form (IFU) before February 15 following the end of the respective fiscal year.

An amendment to the draft amending budget 2015 was voted to the National Assembly early December 2015 to give a boost to individuals who lend to small and medium-sized enterprises through platforms crowdfunding or crowdlending. Specifically, lenders individuals can now infer possible capital losses in the calculation of the income tax.

Future developments

I got a Finsquare questionnaire on the possible evolutions of the platform.

In addition to a few questions for all lenders, some important developments are discussed:

  • Change of sponsorship
  • The possibility of an extended warranty beyond 50% as is the case at present against the abandonment of a party (to be defined) performance
  • The creation of a common fund, which tends to invest in companies without individualization, like what ready union for individuals
  • Switching to fixed rates and therefore the abandonment of auctions

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How does Finsquare, the Video tutorial


Sign up here and now touch your bonus Finsquare

My opinion after the test


Be aware that since its pre-opening, in September, Finsquare has received several thousand applications for funding and you will quickly understand why.

The main menu
The main menu d´une of my customers (with his permission)

Already at the first impression when you connect, the site seems clean, clear and we feel that nobody n´essaye to hide information. It is easy to understand how it works just to complete the questionnaire for s´inscrire, send legal documents and then choose the company. It is its small analysis and if ok it turns l´argent and made a bid, nothing more simple. If l´enchere is accepted Finsquare alerts by mail that everything is ok. Can also see table of reimbursements to know how many we'll have d´interets when ready d´un. The site is very good payer and does not pose any concern to retrieve his money. Really a Must.

Well J´AIME the blog of finsquare also.

Finsquare menu2
Future reimbursements

The site is, in my personal ranking in the top 10 because he is serious. J´utilise finsquare indeed for the placement of l´argent very regularly. Indeed in my view to become rich (yes I know, I'm a big capitalist without scruples who crushes others :-)) this site is interesting, because it allows me to put l´argent in products both safe (including at the level of the rate with a low risk), not too long, easy and cost-effective.

Finsquare menu3
History menu by finsquare

If you want to follow me on finsquare and whether j´investis actually (knowing that my capital is not unlimited) search l´icone of fish, because yes I am one user like any other.


my thing


€ 100,000 of capital, 3 years of earnings and I take.




I advise you to reduce the credit risk to create a portfolio composed of multiple loans which allows you to diversify risk. To do this, it comes to lend small sums to several SMEs with different profiles. I'm already several thousand d´euros d´investis and more time passes more platform expands. In my opinion the site will in the long term become number 1.

Sign up here and now touch your bonus Finsquare



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